meet-the-artist-bio-emanuela-carratoni.jpgHow do you stay creative?  My first step is photography, no doubt! I take pictures of a texture, flower or material that inspires me. Then, I compose a sort of ‘draft version’ in my mind and then lastly I create the final version with digital manipulation on my computer.

What are you inspired by? I think my studies in architecture and design have helped me to develop my personal concept in visual art. I am quite obsessed with minimal style with a touch of Scandinavian mood. I also love combining raw materials, like concrete or marble with calming colors like pink blush, rose quartz or serenity.

behind-the-design-quote-emanuela-carratoni.jpgWhat is your favorite trend and how have you incorporated it into your designs? There are many styles of art that inspire me, I love to try new processes, create things and explore. I am really into agates and geodes right now. I love their shadows, colors, their geometry, the new age’s part about their power! I also love the Urban Jungle Trend, with exotic foliage and floral patterns.

What is the story behind your favorite design in your DENY gallery? At the moment, my favorite design is Ultramarine Marble. I took this marble image in a villa in Rome, while I was renewing it with my partner/architect, then I forgot it.
During last summer, when I was in Greece, looking at the sea, I had this idea, to transform that marble, a timeless material, into the sea, which is constantly changing. Ultramarine Marble is the result!


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