Meet Deny Co-Founder, Kim Nyhus.

Meet Deny Co-Founder Kim Nyhus

Working in our Colorado Room at Deny headquarters! Themed appropriately from Deny’s beautiful home state. 🙂

Hey everyone! I’m new here. Not really… but I would love to share on the blog more and this seemed like an appropriate time because drum roll….it’s Deny’s birthday!!!! Six years ago, my husband, Dustin, and I gave birth to our 4th child in the form of the brand that we all know as Deny Designs. And just like you would on any national holiday (yes, we think it should be one), it gives me the perfect opportunity to reflect on life and the addition of Deny to it!

Meet Deny Co-founder Kim Nyhus

The gang’s all here! Here’s Dustin and I with our twin boys Liam and Landon and our newest, Quinn.

The Beginning

The story goes way, way back in history to 2010 while pregnant with twins and on bed rest for 2 months in the hospital, Dustin and I decided to start a company. I know what you are thinking…that’s horrible freaking timing. But, for some reason, it just felt right, so we went with it. And I’m glad we did, because if I knew then what I know now, we never would have done it. Isn’t that always how it goes?!

We both have always had a desire for a better home décor option. We LOVE design yet were struggling to fall in love with the products available for the home. Either too plain or too beige, nothing seemed to fit our style. We knew there were tons of amazing independent artists out there (some of them our great friends) and we saw the opportunity to connect the dots. With Dustin’s product design background and my love for color, design and marketing, our idea started to blossom into what we would call Deny, a namesake of my husband: Dustin Edward NYhus. After those cute little twin boys entered our world and turned it upside down, we worked for an entire year figuring out how to start Deny and on March 26, 2011, with little preparation for what lie ahead, we launched what we now know as Deny Designs. We started with our signature product: The BlingBox, a handcrafted hanging jewelry armoire that Dustin had built me out of my growing necessity for fun jewelry storage. With the BlingBox as our only offering, we steamrolled ahead and began reaching out to artists around the country to see if they wanted to join forces. Our vision of handcrafted, home decor printed with unique artist-made designs was beginning to take shape. Valentina Ramos, Bird Wanna Whistle and Robin Faye Gates were amongst the first of 9 artists who believed in our vision…and we love them for it!

Meet Deny Co-Founder Kim Nyhus

I love our new oversized Art Prints + Hangers!

Growing and growing and growing…

It wasn’t long before we expanded into more home décor offerings and our gallery of artists grew and grew and grew. Duvet covers, shower curtains and throw blankets were added followed by throw pillows shortly thereafter. In December of 2012, we opened our own R & D shop out of our love for making things from scratch and we tried our hand at crafting wood home décor offerings. It didn’t take long to see that not only could we do it, but we could kick out some really cool, one-of-a-kind products. We started with clocks, mirrors and magnet boards and then decorative trays, coasters and all things wall art made their arrival. But the big bang came when we launched unique handcrafted furniture in 2015. And since then, the credenza has become one of the most popular pieces in our entire product catalog!

Meet Deny Co-Founder Kim Nyhus

A little sneak peek at the Deny team hard at work. 

It’s fun to look back and see how the company has evolved, not only in home products, but also in the art that is available to choose from. We decided to maintain a curated approach to our site vs some other companies who allow all artists and I promise you, it’s not because we’re big ole art snobs over here. Our main goal is simple: allow our customers (you!) to have a reliable source to come to with all of your art needs. We want you to get to our site and know that we have done the legwork for you in selecting the artwork that we not only think you will fall in love with, but will also look amazing on our array of home products. We know there are so many amazing pieces of art out there, but how is it going to look when it’s blown up 10 times the size on to a duvet cover or tapestry? We take so much pride in what goes into our home and we want to be proud of exactly what you choose from Deny that goes into yours.

Meet Deny Co-Founder Kim Nyhus

Meet Riley (Ra Ra), the office dog!

The now and beyond!

6 years later, we have 187 artists (all of which I can personally stand behind) and we’re pretty darn proud. In 2011, we were the first company to offer home décor products in an artist marketplace setting and we are still pushing the envelope in unexpected ways. This year, our goal is to put an emphasis on a few things: customer experience (we want to hear from you!), website navigation (yes, we know the website can be hard to search…we’re working on it!) and product development (new fun stuff coming your way!). If you have feedback for us, we’re always listening…shoot us an email at or you can comment here as well. A real live person will see it and respond! We have a small but open (and colorful) office and you are really important to us.

And if you’ve made it this far in my novel of a blog post, let me take this opportunity to thank YOU for being a customer of Deny Designs. These days, it’s pretty darn hard for a business to thrive out in the real world and to have made it 6 years, well, I’m just really excited and appreciative. I’m grateful that Deny is a reliable marketplace for you to purchase art from and even more excited that a portion of every purchase goes back to our phenomenal group of artists.

Meet Deny Co-Founder Kim Nyhus

Can’t wait to share more with you soon!

Now go out and eat a cupcake to celebrate! I’m excited to catch you in future posts where I’ll be sharing more about the beautiful world of design and how I try to fit in my crazy life every day.



5 thoughts on “Meet Deny Co-Founder, Kim Nyhus.

  1. Major Congrats Deny Designs…and Dustin and Kim… on your 6th Anniversary! Amazing vision, design, and products.

    Kim and Dustin you’ve did everthing right and I’m so proud to be part of this artist family.
    The journey of this company is so amazing and the products are all gorgeous in quality and printing.
    From my start being an artist, I wanted to be a Deny artists and tried to join 4 times 😉 in words four times !!!! – but my work was at this point not good enough. Everytime I got denied I was very sad, but you motivated me to get better and better with my skills and my art. And now I know why – because you only have the most beautiful art on your site and you can pick from the best artists of the world.
    To got accepted by you was one of the best days ever in my artist life. It was a WOHOO – moment I will not forget. Thank you for being such a great partner! Cheers!

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