How do you stay creative? For me being happy means to being creative: to paint, to illustrate, to photograph, or to design. I live by the motto: Do one thing every day that makes you happy. That’s why in one form or another I need to be creative every single day. Picasso once said that ”Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” This quote is true for me: Being creative gives me a break from my busy mind and makes me feel balanced.

I work in a lot of different mediums, which makes it easy for me to stay creative. If I get stuck, I’ll switch techniques.

What are you inspired by? I’m totally gonna sound cliche, but my inspiration is pretty much everywhere – by noticing a beautiful pattern on someone’s dress in the metro, by observing how the wind plays with shadow on the ground while I’m walking through my neighborhood, or simply by strolling around flea markets. Vintage demolished and abandoned things especially draw my attention. All those remains have a history, and they tell a story, which is very fascinating to me.

A huge inspiration source for me is other artists. There are so many incredibly talented designers, painters & crafters in this world, every single day I’m amazed by their ideas and creations! I’m fascinated by their artworks and unique stories, which motivates me to trust my own journey.

What is your favorite trend and how have you incorporated it into your designs? 

Right now I’m totally into ‘Everything Floral.’ I’m obsessed with flower designs from powerful photos, to watercolor, to abstract florals. My obsession started because I was struggling to find my own ‘flower’ voice. Last year while I was preparing for my first art licensing trade show I realized that my portfolio was totally lacking floral motifs. I was super frustrated, because no matter what medium I used to paint or draw, it just wasn’t right. But one day while I was sitting at my desk feeling stuck and staring at a vase full of fresh roses, it hit me: Let’s be adventurous and use real flowers! That moment marked the start of an ever-growing flower series that I’m absolutely excited about!
My flower portraits are digitally collaged and based on photographs of flowers, including my pieces ‘Cherry Blossom’ red, blue and neon exclusively available at DENY Designs. To create interesting texture and three-dimensional depth the flower images are altered, combined and layered with abstract, textural paintings by experimenting with digital technology. Inspired are these artworks by old oil-painted still lives and the fantastic world Tim Burton creates with his work. They are a reminder of the past, but at the same time, they open the door to a fantasy world that leaves room to escape reality and dream.
What is the story behind your favorite design in your DENY gallery?  Stripy Collage‘ is one of my favorite designs ever (to make it sound very dramatic)!
It kind of marks an important milestone in my work: ‘Stripy Collage’ is one of the first ‘digital collages,’ that I’ve ever created. All of my art integrates multiple mediums and techniques (from photography to abstract texture) that I bring together on the computer. I call it: digital collage.
Because I always loved being creative in all kinds of mediums, for the longest time I couldn’t figure you my ‘signature style.’ There was no consistency in my work, I didn’t know how to combine the different techniques, and I just had the feeling, something was missing.
One day while I was frustrated again after ruining another artwork by forcing myself to draw with pencil on an oil-painted abstract background, I thought to myself: If I’m not able to merge two elements ‘in real life’ without messing it up, the only other way is to use the computer, where I can always go back to the original version and try again. From that moment on my ‘digital collage’ was born.
I alter and improve all elements digitally, while coincidence and imperfection play a big part in my work: I love to experiment with digital technology to create unexpected texture and depth, while every single layer is essential for the finished piece.
Shop Susanne’s full gallery here!

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