Deny Artist Madart, Inc.

How do you stay creative? The hardest part for me is to not be creative! I have so many ideas running around in my head, my art to do list is miles long and I have an endless amount of filled in sketchbooks with painting ideas!

What are you inspired by? Everything inspires me, it can be a color, a sunset, a shape, anything and everything!

What is your favorite trend and how have you incorporated it into your designs? Color! Lot’s and Lot’s of color!! I’m a self proclaimed color addict so I’m always looking for new, unique color combinations to incorporate into my art.

What is the story behind your favorite design in your DENY gallery? I would have to say Out West is my favorite design because I feel like it has a story in and of itself. I wanted to create something that had a feeling of movement, of the wind softly whistling through the trees, and added the buildings with the smoke spiraling from the tops to show the connection between humans and our environment, that we can co-exist in a peaceful manner.

Deny Artist Madart, Inc.

Deny Artist Madart, Inc.

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