How do you stay creative? To stay creative I just keep working/drawing! Many times (kind of often) I got into a “frozen” stage and I don’t know what to do or what is going to be my next project. Every time that happens, I just take my pen and start drawing. I may start a new drawing or just keep working on one of the unfinished pieces of artwork I have around in my studio. I think I may have around 20 unfinished drawings right now!

What are you inspired by? I think everything inspires me. I can be watching TV or walking in the street and find something interesting that makes my mind spin. Lately Instagram is my “to go” source of inspiration! It’s amazing how much talent we have in this world. But definitely my biggest source of inspiration comes from the feedback I received. Every single time I get an email or a comment from someday telling me I inspired them to continue working or just to say they like my work, that makes my day and keeps my working.

What is your favorite trend and how have you incorporated it into your designs?  My favorite trend is Bohemian and I always try to give that boho feeling to my artwork. Lately I have been trying to incorporate a little bit of geometric style to my flowers, circles and swirls.

What is the story behind your favorite design in your DENY gallery? I’m a big football fan, especially when it comes to the Manning brothers! In 2011, before having our daughter, I teased my husband about naming our future child Peyton or Eli. He wasn’t on board with my plan. So I suggested we name him/her after the next winning Superbowl QB, and he didn’t like that idea either. I finally got my naming wish the year the Packers won…but instead it was for my newly finished painting, which I named Aaron!



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