How do you stay creative?  To stay creative is the easiest part of being an artist. Every morning when I walk my dogs in our beautiful landscape in the South of Bavaria, I open my mind and feel the peace in the landscape and the nature. Ideas for new projects come then in my mind very easy. I’m always inspired by the light and the shades of color and the shapes of nature. When you take a close look, you see the sunbeams blinking through the leaves, the drops sparkling on the branches, the wind is moving the trees and makes a lovely sound. Being creative also means, to take a brake from the daily hustle and to set your spirit free. For me, it comes easy when I’m outside alone just me and the dogs. It’s a true gift to have the time, to let the mind wander.

What are you inspired by? I’m inspired by so many things! It’s a song, a color, a lovely bouquet of flowers, watching animals in the nature, but also browsing my Instagram feed and looking for trends in home decor. I want to create designs for my customers, that add the extra touch to the room, and make it complete. This is also the reason, I do colorways of my designs, so that the customer has the choice.

What is your favorite trend and how have you incorporated it into your designs? I’m totally into the boho Chic trend with a Scandinavian touch of natural materials, full of airy and white space. The spirit that comes with the boho Chic is the way I want to live; free and independent with respect for nature and the life. Soft colors, playful shapes and
floating watercolors but also intricate illustrated Mandalas are representing the Gypsy style, and I use them a lot. The WITHIN THE TIDES watercolor artwork is totally matching this look.

What is the story behind your favorite design in your DENY gallery? My REALLY MERMAID is a design, that was completely planned in my head, long before it was realized. My star sign is Aquarius and I love the fairy of H.C. Andersen. I wanted to create a mermaid pattern, that would bring the beauty and the magic of these beautiful girl to life. The first REALLY MERMAID pattern is in emerald and gold tones, but there are more colorways planned. I’m totally obsessed with this theme!




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