Behind the Design: “Soaked” by Caleb Troy


My favorite part of my job is working with artists. I was able to chat with Caleb Troy to find out what inspired “Soaked” – a photograph of nature that he makes beautifully abstract. Check out his interview!


How do you stay creative? Staying creative is a struggle for me, and it comes and goes. I recently invested in some studio equipment that is allowing me to enjoy creating and photography wherever I am. I am trying to branch out and push myself to make new types of work, especially self portraiture.

What are you inspired by? I am inspired by being in new places, especially out in nature. I am also inspired by art that triggers a strong connection to my own personal experiences and feelings.

What is your favorite trend and how have you incorporated it into your designs? I don’t consider myself to be up on the latest trends, but color play is always incorporated in my designs. I try to combine unique colors that make a statement.

What is the story behind your favorite design in your DENY gallery? My favorite piece in my gallery is “Soaked.” The image was taken on a hike a little bit north of Vancouver, and the water is from a glacial stream. It’s one of my favorites because it is a more abstract image, created naturally. Those are the images I prefer!



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