How To Style the Trend: Black, White & Blush all over


The oldest dad joke in the book is “what is black and white and re(a)d all over?” well, in 2016, blush is taking over and we’re loving the way it adds a playful element to the ever classic black and white combo.

We have collected our favorite ways to mix and match the three colors to help you style your favorite room in your new favorite trend.


Create a soothing bedroom by eliminating harsh colors. Adding some blush sheets to a muted bed set creates a serene environment that will help you catch some zzzz’s. To hel you catch some attention, play with black and white typography or photography art above your bed. Choose a fun printed throw pillow (or two!) to finish the look!




Living Room

With cold weather approaching, we’re all about creating a living room that we don’t want to leave. Create a cuddle friendly zone with a touch of mod and a touch of class by incorporating our favorite colors of the moment – blush, black and white. Add a lounge space by including floor pillows in different sizes, snuggle up for your favorite movie with a fluffy throw blanket and don’t forget to layer as many throw pillows as you can fit! Want an extra layer of ‘dreamy’? Hang a wall tapestry to frame your room!



Home Office

Working hard or hardly working? Just because this room is reserved for work doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Include a desk you can see yourself working at, add a sassy wall clock to keep the time, and make sure there’s plenty of wall art to keep your creative juices flowing. Not only will the clean color palette keep your focus, the pink tones will add enough punch to keep you engaged and ready to work through the night!



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