The Story Behind the Design: The Summer Olympics Edition

The Story Behind the Design: The Summer Olympics Addition

With the 2016 Summer Olympic here, we thought we’d browse through our 10,000 pieces of art and pick an inspiring piece of art to cheer on our athletes. We decided to ask Craft Boner, one of our besties and a fellow Denver artist, and ask her about her You Got This piece. We wanted to learn the backstory behind how she came up with the design and see what sparked her art.

Here’s what she had to say…

It’s funny because a lot of my ideas for my work just pop into my head and don’t go away until I draw or write them somewhere. Usually I have no idea what spurred them on and I just go with it hoping that maybe it’ll make someone else smile too. 

But the “You Got This” design is actually the first thing that I ever turned into a print and is also when I started to get this little nagging feeling that maybe it was OK to start calling myself an artist. 

A couple of years ago I got dumped twice in a row by dudes that I was really into. In fact, I was so into them that I was a weepy mess all summer long and to cheer myself up a little bit I booked a trip to visit my best friend in Omaha for Halloween. Because she’s hilarious she suggested that we wear a couples costume and we came up with the idea to be Shari Lewis and Lampchop. Even though it was probably the best couples costume I’ll ever do we lost two separate costume contests to two different Bob Ross lookalikes. 

Craft Boner: The Story Behind the You Got This Design

I think it was the next day as I was battling a hangover we decided to go pick some apples at an orchard a couple of hours away. We drove through a bunch of beautiful farmland and arrived at the apple orchard only to realize that we missed apple picking season by a few weeks and nearly all of the trees were already barren for winter. 

Because my best friend is stubborn we drove around for a while longer and saw a sign for Arbor Day Farm (which is actually the birthplace of Arbor Day) and decided to check it out. 

We had the place pretty much to ourselves and we explored all the trails and bridges because as it turned out it was approximately one million times more beautiful and interesting than the initial apple farm. At the end of the day we were heading to the car and noticed a greenhouse so we peeked our heads in and saw rows and rows and rows of the most luscious and bright green little evergreen saplings. I snapped a couple of quick pictures of the saplings and we went about the rest of our trip. 

When I got home I was sketching and remember thinking to myself, “You got this!” and I remembered how little and full of promise all those rows of tiny trees were. I threw together a rough sketch and later one of those sapling pictures became the background of the “You Got This” design. It’s only now that I realize that my trip to Omaha and those little trees were the first time I really believed that I could push myself further than I already was and that I should try more to explore and do things that totally scared the hell out of me.

Craft Boner DENY Design Artist

If you want to learn more about Craft Boner check out the interview we did with her! She hysterical!

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