Top Gallery Walls on Pinterest and How to Recreate Them

Top Gallery Walls on Pinterest and How to Recreate Them

I’m clearly all about the wall art right now. With the launch of our new framing options and new framing sizes, my wall gallery options seem endless. I now get to decide if I want to mix and match my frame colors, I need to decide what orientation I want my art, and where I want to make this statement wall in my home. And if you are anything like me, then you turn to Pinterest to come up with ideas and inspiration on what you want your gallery wall to look like.

So let’s get started. Take for example the image above, here’s what I see, I’ve learned and what I want to remember when I put together my own gallery wall:

  • I love that the artwork is thematic and balanced.
  • The blush color lives in each piece and even the Parisian motif of the art makes it a wonderfully cohesive collection.
  • The varying sizes and frame colors adds more interest to the space.
  • Overall, this gallery wall gives us a peek into who this person is and adds true personality and character to the space.

Top Gallery Walls on Pinterest and How to Recreate Them


My takeaways on this setup:

  • I love the different sized framed pieces, but specifically I LOVE the added 3-D elements this gallery wall houses.
  • Adding the white and gold deer head and the embroidery circle to the mix of framed art adds depth to the wall.
  • The placement of this gallery wall really caught my eye because I like the idea of housing a gallery wall above a classic piece like the credenza.
  • It makes me think putting it in a room where you entertain and spend a lot of time in, would be such a great place to show off your home’s personality.

Top Gallery Walls on Pinterest and How to Recreate Them


Lastly, this stairway to gallery wall heaven setup:

  • The unexpected placement of this gallery wall is incredible!
  • I love to think that as you go up the stairs your perspective of the art changes. Sometimes you are eye-level, other times you are seeing it from an entirely new position!
  • This gallery wall is a little bit different from the other two we’ve talked about, seeing that the art itself is all a very similar style.
  • This type of setup would be so perfect for someone who truly loves one type of art (like acrylic paintings or watercolor) and really showcasing that kind of collection, in various frames, canvases, and sizes.

If you are still feeling a little unsure about how to create the perfect gallery wall, chat with one of our DENY stylists and they can help you make your wall everything! (Don’t worry it’s free.)

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