Announcing the Sale Tab!!

The DENY Sale Tab Offers Limited Time 40% Off Curated Room Collections

Have you noticed that lovely little “Sale” tab we added to the website? Well this gem is HUGE news! Not only do we have daily CRAZY deals on a product of the day, we have beautifully curated and styled rooms, furniture picks, and other goodies that are 40% off.

These curated room collections are a combination of modern, classic, and trendy interior design styles that are hand-picked by the DENY style team. And FYI, our style team is cool—really cool—and we’re making it as easy as possible for you to update your home. Simply choose the style that you love most, find the pieces you want, or buy the whole shebang for a totally awesome price. We will run these collections for a limited time only, so if you like a style makes sure to hop on it. Make sure to check back frequently to see what the product of the day is because we are going nutty with discounts on this guy.

Or, if you want to go on the hunt, shop the entire sale by simply using the View All option to see every goodness.

Enjoy sale shopping!

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