The Recipe for a Perfect Gallery Wall

How to Build a Gallery Wall

Sometimes putting together a gallery wall can be super daunting. I mean, there’s getting all the art, getting all the art framed, putting together the layout of your gallery wall, selecting what goes where, hammering the nails in, leveling out each and every frame, and then, finally, after what seems like an eternity, you have a finished gallery wall that you can take pictures of and share with the world.

When we listed out all those steps we said to ourselves, “There’s got to be an easier way.” We thought, “Hey, we have these beautiful bamboo framed wall art options already, why don’t we add in some other awesome framing options to ALL OF OUR ART and really make DENY your one-stop-shop for gallery wall greatness?”

Let’s revisit that daunting task list of putting together a gallery wall again, this time using DENY’s new framing options:

  1. Getting your art—with over 10,000 pieces to choose from 170 artists, you can source all your art from one place. ✓
  2. Framing your art—with DENY’s new framing options, you can now have a multi-dimensional gallery wall with various framing textures, sizes, and orientations. Your art already comes framed, so check that one off your list ✓
  3. Arranging your art—if you are not quite the layout expert and can’t quite figure out what goes where, all you have to do is ASK A DENY STYLIST (its free, and fun, and personal). ✓
  4. Hanging your art—OK, so this is the only thing we don’t technically do for you, but we’ll be there in spirit while you hammer those nails. ✓

Not too daunting any more, right?

Build Your Own Gallery Wall

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