Bedroom Refresh (Again)


Photo by Ryan Liebe for Cup of Jo

I’m due for a bedroom refresh. I mean, not really due, but you know, when you work at DENY, you can’t help but want to re-do every room in your house every 6 months. It’s a blessing and a curse, people. There’s just so much to choose from! New art coming in every week! What’s a gal to do? Well, re-do the bedroom, that’s what.

Here’s a room that I’ve pinned a million years ago that’s still making my heart flutter. [good sign!] It’s what my bedroom is inspired off of now. It’s the home of A Cup Of Jo, designed by Emily Henderson.


You may love the bright, white bedding look, but I just couldn’t. More like literally couldn’t. I drink too much red wine for that much white. Yeah, in bed… who’s judging? Just because this inspiration features white bedding, doesn’t mean I have to. The main thing I love about this room is the combination of rugged and earthy meeting feminine intention. There’s soft and bold in this room, floral and abstract, warmth and bright… all in one! Here’s how I put that inspiration to action:



And I’ve loved it! But there’s always time for change and inspiration in a room. So, I’ll be keeping my creative eye open for the next inspiration to reinvent the room….until then!



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