Trending Now: Novelty Designs

Trending Now: Novelty Itemsvia

Novelty items are IN in a BIG way. I thought it might help to define the word novelty, because while we all know what a novelty item is, the definition is fun and might help explain the trend better. So here we go: “novelty”

  1. the quality of being new, original, or unusual.
  2. a small and inexpensive toy or ornament.
  3. an article of trade whose value is chiefly decorative, comic, or the like and whose appeal is often transitory.

The decorative and comedic aspect is showing up everywhere—not just in toys and ornaments, but the trend is sweeping the fashion and home decor world too. This silliness, this not taking yourself too seriously, is what I truly love about it. You can be sure I’ve already started incorporating it into my home and fashion purchases.

Now Trending: Novelty Designs

Ways you can add some novelty:


What do you think? Will you take on this trend?


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