Game Time. Style On. [Go Broncos!]

Superbowl Style: Home Decor

Game time, style is ON. In case you didn’t know, DENY Designs was born and raised in Denver, CO and we’re still living large in this city of greatness. And, HOORAY! Our beloved Broncos get to go to the big game and we couldn’t be more excited. But, no matter who you’re rooting for, the game room/entertainment room/man cave/football central zone of the house NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED. Why does the rest of the house get to look so saucy and great and the game room kinda gets….neglected? Maybe because those members of the household in charge of that domain don’t particularly care about anything off the screen. Could be. Regardless, we think those rooms could use a little spice, a little more good luck charming, if you will. Here’s a collection to get your game room setup so boss that your good-luck Broncos room juju will bring them to the ultimate victory. We’re counting on ya.

Start with the artsiest of all credenzas. Hundreds of designs to choose from, you can add some serious style with this furniture piece. This credenza, AKA sideboard, TV storage, entertainment center, etc., couldn’t be more regal. The TV needs a proper throne, ya know?


Shop all credenzas> 

Next, let’s address the couch. Now, we’re not suggesting you go all pillow-crazy like the rest of the house where the goal is to put so many pillows on the couch that you can’t sit on the actual couch [guilty]. Nope, this couch is about comfort, it’s about ease of jumping up and down when your team is just ON FIRE. You don’t need a thousand pillows to get in the way of a good game-watchin’ time. But, a few are a total necessity to bring the room together. Here’s some pillows that are big hitters, in our playbook:

Superbowl Throw Pillows!

Shop more all pro pillows> 

Lastly, we can’t forget about the walls. Adding art makes the house a home, the game room a personal proclamation of superfan loyalty, the world a better place. Show your team where your heART is and let those walls speak the truth.

Shop Game Room Art

Shop more crowd pleasing art> 

Good luck and Go Broncos!

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