Tips and Tricks: Style Defining Continued

How to define your home style


Welcome back students, aka friends! How’d the homework assignment go from last week? Did you learn anything new about your style thanks to tip #1: Use Pinterest (or life’s Pinterest board)?

Let’s dive a little deeper and look over your Pinterest boards to see if we can uncover anything that might help lead you in a direction of defining your style.

Was there a theme you could pull from the exercise? Was your board boho? Did it have a freedom or travel vibe? Was there a traditional plaid, dark woods, classic element to your pins? Did you pin industrial, sleek, modern photos? Were you drawn to more neutrals, organics, and natural elements? Or were you all over the place with color, pattern, photography, fashion, knick-knacks, etc.?

Good news—there is no right answer!

The only answer there is to observe, track, and identify what makes you happy. From there, you can incorporate those feelings into your style.

That leads me to Tip #2: When It Comes To Style, Think With Your Heart.

Next week we will get into this further, in the meantime, your homework assignment for this week is to make a list of what you love, really really love. For instance, my list might look like this: vintage cocktail books, things that make me laugh, COLOR, Paris, lipstick, Instyle Magazine, high heels, eating cheese, and champagne.

And that’s where I’ll leave you…


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