Trending Now: Marble+Gemstones=Home Happiness

Trending: Marble and Gemstones


Marble has always been associated with a luxe, high-end, opulence in the worlds of counter tops and ancient sculptures. But times have changed! What was once an unattainable luxury is now available to everyone who craves the richness and beauty that marble provides, without the price tag associated with it.

That’s right people. You can now have the marble look on a pillow, duvet, wall art, that gives you the depth and texture that real marble has done for centuries, now with softness and warmth that cold marble cannot do.

And, while we are on the topic of metamorphic rock, gemstones are also super hot right now. The mineral crystal look is not just for jewelry or hippies (although hippies are going to like this too), it is now easy to incorporate into your home decor via a tapestry, clock, or storage box.

Dare I say, the trend DENY loves, is combining the two for the ultra-decadent and oh-so-beautiful home accessories.

Check it out and shop all the marble and gemstones designs here.

Marble and Gemstone Trend

Shop the look here.

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