Tips and Tricks: How to Define Your Style

How to Define Your Style


I recently had a groundbreaking revelation. Defining a style, be that for your home, personal fashion, or “style” in general, does not come naturally to everybody. It shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise to me, because as I look back on my early days of wondering around aimlessly wearing pleather pants and covering my walls in Nike ads, “style” certainly was not a natural occurrence. But, I was lucky enough that the transition and evolution of developing a personal style did occur somewhat organically. For those of you who still feel lost (maybe not pleather-pants lost), still struggling to identify how you want your home and “style” to be, I thought a Tips and Tricks weekly Thursday column might help you with the process.

Tip #1: Use Pinterest.

Take a look at all of your pins. What are you pinning? Do you see any commonalities? Is there a color that is prevalent on your boards? Can you identify some patterns and trends in your pins? If you aren’t seeing anything you can grasp onto, spend 15 mins just pinning. Pin colors, photos that inspire you, and anything else that draws you in. If you need a starting point, check out our DENY Designs Pinterest and go from there. Come up with 5-10 pins that really speak to you. When I did this exercise I came up with this:

How to Define Your Style


If Pinterest is not your jam, uncover similar trends in your day to day. Do you complement a co-worker who rocks a crazy colorful outfit? Do you always pick up a treasure at the flea market? What kind of photos do you take on vacation? What are you hearting on Instagram? What is your ideal fun day: a day at the spa or adventuring around the city? Do you prefer ease and comfort when you dress for work, or do you pile on the accessories? Take some notes, observe your behaviors, and that’s where we will start.

Consider this a homework assignment. Please come back next week with a board with some of these patterns you’ve identified and we will continue the journey to defining your style.

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