Resolution 5: Go Big


If you were to talk with anyone at DENY, they’d advocate for the gallery wall. It’s a way to collect, a way to express, and a way to be non-committal and ever-changing with your taste. Found an amazing must-have piece that needs to be in your home? Just switch out a similar size from your already-made gallery wall. Not feeling that trendy typography message anymore? Switch it out for one that rings true. Non-committal and ever-changing is nice, but I feel it’s time for the year of the STATEMENT.

A Big.



Large-and-in-charge statement piece of art.

One that sets the room on fire. One piece (or a pair) that makes a statement so bold you can’t help but feel your art says it all and the rest is just an accessory. This year, I say let’s ditch that gallery wall and instead go full-on love and commitment to an art statement that says art-monogamy is so in for 2016. Let’s get started…

Go places: Let your happy place create the room.



Two Of A Kind: Two coordinated pieces bring a big impact… make a dyptic!


Image, Pair 1: 1/2 Pair 2: 1/2 Pair 3: 1/2 Pair 4: 1/2 Pair 5: 1/2

Or, start with some humor. Home decor should lighten up your life – be playful, be cheeky, have fun!


image, art right: 1/2/3/4/5 art left: 1/2/3

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