Resolution 3: Lose The Fear.



Color. Pattern. Bold. OH MY. This year, we challenge you to resolve to lose the fear of going authentically YOU in your own space. Just because every. single. room. on Pinterest and Instagram is white-washed, super neutral, calm and filled with light, doesn’t mean yours has to be a carbon copy. Gone are the days where we’ve all become followers and enter the year of the YOU. Has a nice ring to it, dontcha think? We don’t say #youdoyou around here for nothing. How boring would this world and all of its home spaces be if we all just did the same thing? Your unique YOU-STYLE is bound to make a room worth talking about. A room worth showing off! Channel the words of artist and designer Rebecca Rebouche:

“Don’t take your home too seriously. Assume that it will change as you do, so do what you are loving at the moment. Trust that.”

Start with the art you heart.



Or that crazy color palette you gravitate towards in your wardrobe.



Or recreate the colors and vibes of your favorite vacation to date. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do YOU.



Here’s to a year filled with more color and fun in our Instagram feeds. Now, that’s something to cheers about.



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