What to do when you are at work with not a lot of work to do

Five things to do when there's nothing to do

If you are lucky enough to be off this week from work, first let me say, congratulations (and feel free to revisit this post when it applies). But for all of us sitting at our desks, in a half empty office, with not a ton to do, this post may come in handy.

Here are my top five things to do when you need something to do:

  1. Daydream–yep you heard me. Whether it be work related or how you want to re-do your kitchen, let day dreaming take you to new thinking
  2. Pin–not only will this help jumpstart #1 it will get you familiar with current trends–which you might be able to argue is in fact “working” if you must justify it
  3. If you thought Pinterest was fun you’re gonna love Niice–trust me on this one
  4. Get organized–whether it be your desk, your desktop, your calendar, your files, you email, whatever! Get yourself together and ready to take on the new year ahead
  5. Go down as many rabbit holes as you can–let this “free time” be time for you to learn about anything and everything you come across.

And most of all enjoy it.

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