New Art=New Room Goals


The new art is rolling in and it is just TOO GOOD! With all this new art I can’t help but fantasize some new #roomgoals.

Here is what I came up with. What is your fav design?

Soft pinks and gray room goals--DENY Designs

  1. Dainty Blush Tapestry by Allyson Johnson
  2. Curly Rhombus Neutral Mirror by Belle 13
  3. Sunset Valley Duvet by Iveta Abolina
  4. Native Natural Plus Pink Sherpa Blanket by Holli Zollinger
  5. Alaskan Gelato Framed Wall Art by Iveta Abolina
  6. Denim Dreamin Pillow by Allyson Johnson
  7. Mrs Pineapple Pillow by Chelsea Victoria
  8. Farah Stripe Neutral Pillow by Aimee St Hill

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