Winter Whites with a Touch of Blush

DENY Winter White Holiday Collection


Every so often I come across some chatter that goes something like this: “DENY is too colorful. I like more muted, minimalistic designs. I’m more into the Scandinavian aesthetic. I prefer a less is more type of thing.” And here is my response, with 10,000+ designs we can do that. And to prove it we created: The Winter White Collection. And boy-oh-boy, it doesn’t disappoint.

As one of those people who is a more is more type of gal, I can honestly say after creating this muted, creamy, winter wonderland collection with of touch of blush and grays, I finally get the appeal of the clean white crispness that is so popular right now.

So without further ado, cuddle and shop.

Winter White Collection from DENY Designs

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