Credenza for Every Age

DENY Designs Credenzas

I know the word “credenza” sorta gives off an intimating, grown-up investment piece of furniture type vibe, but I’m here to ease your nerves and prove to you that a credenza is in fact a piece of furniture that you can grow up with, transition with, and have at every age, no matter your lifestyle.

Seriously, the credenza might be the most versatile piece of furniture you will ever own. You can use it in a post-college apartment to store shoes, or in a bachelor pad stocked with whiskey. Try it in a baby’s nursery and fill it with diapers, or display it in a family room collecting collectibles on top. This piece can travel with you throughout your lifetime (cue movie montage).

Now that credenzas are $200 off, there really is no excuse to not start your credenza life now. Remember, this is the real deal—a piece you can have with you forever, made in Colorado, and decorated with the art of your choice! So whether it’s your first furniture addition to your first apartment or an heirloom you want to have for your newborn, this is a forever piece.

What credenza stage are you today?

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