House Plant Party

House Plants


Not to brag or anything, but my husband and I bought our first house plants ever a few days ago (shout out to Planted We thought since we’ve officially entered our 30s it was time to attempt to take care of some greenery. Not only is adding some natural beauty, well, beautiful in our home, but it turns out there are health benefits like their ability to purify the air and reduce stress. Talk about a win, win, win.

Because I’m currently plant crazy, I thought I’d share some insiders tips and some prettiness for those of you interested in taking a leap.

Insiders tip on buying plants:

  • Before you go to the plant store, examine your space—where do you get light, how much, what areas do you think need some green—and bring that knowledge with you.
  • Go to a real plant store.
  • Talk to the plant guy or gal.
  • Be honest in your hopes, dreams, fears, and lifestyle. AKA as newbies in the plant caring world, we still wanted the ability to go on vacation and not have our plants die on us.

Adding Greenery to Your Space

Images: 1/2/3/4/5/6

And if real plants are still too scary, here you can add some green love with these DENY plant goodies.

DENY House Plant Art

SUCCULENT LOVE by Leah Flores Framed Wall Art

SUCCULENT by Bree Madden Framed Wall Art

PATIO PARTY by Zoe Wodarz Round Clock

CACTUS AFTERNOON by Zoe Wodarz Throw Pillow

PLANTS ARE MY FRIENDS by Kris Tate Throw Pillow

TREETOPS by Leah Flores Art Print

PASTEL CACTUS by Kangarui Duvet Cover

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