Moody Duvet Covers=Trending

Muted Duvet Covers

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Moody, muted, and mellow color pallets are all the rage when it comes to beddings right now. Think gentle grays, dusty pinks, rich creams, soft blues, and anything that whispers cozy ease.

These colors strike an excellent balance between creating a cool and warm modern intimate space to rest your head.

And while DENY is known for its off-the-wall color and playful fun patterns, we can also do muted calm quite beautifully. Check out DENY’s take on The Moody Comfort.

Moody Duvet Covers

Insider tip: When looking for grays, subdued, and minimalistic duvets check out artists: Vy La, Monika Strigel, Khristian A Howell, Heather Dutton, Caroline Okun, and Bianca Green.

Insider tip two: If going with the gray duvet, think about adding a soft pink as an accent to add even more of a chic warmth factor.

And as always, be sure to use the search by color box on the left hand side of the side to narrow down your choices or this collection that stores some goodies all in one place.

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