What’s in a Statement Piece

Statement Piece

Ah, the statement piece! The always-coveted, wonderfully unique, self-expressive piece that gives your home a voice. A voice that gets people saying, “Where’d you get that? What’s the story on that piece? Holy cool man!” Currently, I’m rocking the red vintage lockers as my statement piece (see above), but no one said you had to stop at just one (and I didn’t), so I’m looking to bring in another statement into our loft.

The statement piece can come in many different forms: a neato piece of art, a jaw-dropping credenza, a coffee table that says WOAH, or even a painted wall that says RAD (literally) (my other statement piece, see below). For me, I like my statement pieces to stop people in their tracks, to be truly unique, and to create memories for years and years.

Statement wall

After much deliberation and hours and hours of DENY art browsing, my husband and I decided we will be adding the oh-so-beautiful, one-of-a-kind, sentimental Holli Zollinger Paris Map Pink Credenza into our lives. We spent our honeymoon in Paris, and this beautiful piece of furniture will add the perfect amount of color, nostalgia, and wow factor that we love in a statement piece!

the statement

Doesn’t it work wonderfully with my other two statements? It’s like we’re one big happy family!

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