My Current Couch Situation

DENY Throw Pillows

Because yesterday I spent hours (and I do mean HOURS) on the couch, taking full advantage of the lack of labor I had to partake in, I got to spend quality time with these babies…

Couch throw pillows

And I have to tell you these three pillows really fit into the family quite nicely. Glancing over at Taco Party gave me a good giggle and enticed me to snack throughout the day, curling up with Never Enough Lipstick made my oversized shorts and tee-shirt feel a little more classy, and Markers Southern Sun subconsciously lead me to select a John Wayne western from my Netflix queue. On a scale from 1–10, this was a 10 for a holiday couch day.

I’m thinking about welcoming these lovelies into the family for the next long weekend:

DENY Throw Pillows for Days

What does your couch situation look like?

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