For the Love of Mid Century and Don Draper

Don Draper Design


I’ve been watching Mad Men since its genesis, which seems like it may have actually been back in 1950, but I digress.  Recently I’ve been a little late to the party, so it wasn’t until last night that I sat down to start watching the final half season of the show—I think I needed a fix of some scintillating mid-mod design, and that is exactly what I got.

There’s something so classic, so cool, so smooth, and dare I say so sexy about midcentury modern design. I guess it does help that Don Draper accompanies the decor in the show, but the sleek, subtle nature of the mise en scene doesn’t disappoint.

In honor of my epic Mad Men journey coming to an end, I thought I’d put together some DENY Designs that would bring some of that Don Draper coolness into my life even when the last credits roll. (Don’t spoil the ending!)

Midcentury Art

Check out the full collection here!

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