Express Your Dorm Style with DENY

DENY Tapestry

Image via @casszneely with her DENY Designs tapestry Diamond Lake by Lisa Argyropoulos

A couple of days ago I woke up in a frantic sweat, awaking from one of the worst nightmares of all my life …

I was 18, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, arriving to my UC Berkeley dorm room, only to find out that my bed-in-a-bag, the coolest thing I had bought with my graduation money, was also lining the beds in each and every dorm room on my hall. The horror! I had become the status quo, an unoriginal drone doomed to a fate of sameness and blahness.


I awoke, next to my husband, realizing that I was in fact far from my college days, and realizing too that I had the power to spare young adults from turning my horrifying dream into reality. I could do something to help this next generation of kiddos achieve ultimate uniqueness and give them the tools to create a space that embodied their personalities. I mean, hello, I work at DENY Designs, a place with 9,000+ designs that seriously make it almost impossible to show up to school with the same digs as your roommate.

And to prove my theory and to assist the youth of our future, we decided to partner with the hip college website College Fashionista and offer their style-gurus a chance to style their dorm with a DENY tapestry of their choice. As I suspected, not one of the twenty-five students that participated picked the same tapestry as another.

Seriously, check out all their awesome images on Instagram at the #DENYDormDeckout hashtag, and if that doesn’t jazz you up to up your dorm game, maybe the chance to win a $300 DENY giftcard will. To avoid dronelife, enter here:

Here’s how cool you could be…

DENY Tapestry

Image by @jonathanmcdougie with his DENY Designs tapestry Something To Be Grateful For by Allyson Johnson

DENY Dorm Tapestry

Image by @embethleb with her DENY Designs tapestry Color My World by Rosie Brown

DENY Dorm Tapestry

 Image by @xocatiebeth with her DENY Designs tapestry Watercolor Polka Dot 1 by Joy Laforme

One thought on “Express Your Dorm Style with DENY

  1. I love the site..the visuals are better than the next on every page.I want to visit
    every just to admire the creative genius that put this all together.This is art
    at its very best.

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