Manly Monday – Best Friends Day


I have noticed a trend with the digital age where every day is a holiday of some sort. Last Friday was National Donut Day, which I think is pretty much every day if you live life like a champion. I am not sure if these days existed before the internet and we all have lived on without celebrating International Hummus Day(May 13th) but I am a fan. For your information today is actually National Best Friends Day. If you didn’t know, maybe you’re not a good friend. Tomorrow is Donald Duck Day, I am not sure how I survived this long without knowing that. May I suggest a few holidays of my own:

-National Free Parking Day(Or Month)

-National Break Yo Selfie Stick Day

-National Guac and Queso are not Extra Day

-National Intervention for the Friend Who Uses Too Many Hashtags Day

Tell me some of your holiday suggestions, maybe if we get enough people on board we can make it a thing. I am not sure who actually decides those things, I have a suspicion it’s Morgan Freeman.

giphy (13)

You read that in his voice didn’t you?

Regardless of the holiday, we have a piece of art for it! Here are my art selections for todays National Best Friends Day:




Images: 1 , 2

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