Meet Fashion Blogger Laura and Her Take on Self-Expression

Fashion meets home decor

The interwebs are a magical place.

I mean, you can really do anything out there in cyberspace: watch baby animal videos, shop your favorite home decor site (with an awesome sale happening now, btw), and, if you’re really lucky, the interwebs can introduce you to interesting people who share their self-expression with the world .

Case in point, the moment I stumbled on Canadian fashion blogger Laura Jane Atelier, I knew Laura and I would get along just fine. Here at DENY we believe deeply in going by the beat of your own drum (preferably a patterned, colorful drum, but I digress), and Laura does just that. This girl’s outfit ingenuity, creativity, and “anything goes” nature is what drew me in, while her honest (sometimes funny) nature of sharing the details of her dating life hooked me.

I asked Laura to check out DENY and pick her fav designs and create an outfit around it. And boy oh boy, I couldn’t love what she picked more. Check it out and shop her entire collection here:

Home meets fashion Outfit inspired bedding

Happy three day weekend! Don’t forget to break the rules and shop the sale!

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