You Be You

Mix and Match patterns



One of the best parts about growing up in a Catholic school uniform was that from the moment I was able to dress my own self in clothing that I actually picked out, I realized the freedom of having no rules. No restrictions. No regulations. That lack of having to follow a dress code propelled me into a lifestyle of mixing and matching every pattern, color, fabric, stripe, sequence, and print that came my way.

All of those years in navy blue polyester shorts and cotton golf shirts allowed me to build up a resolve of creative liberty, and that freedom became a lifestyle of breaking, bending, and making up my own rules (when it comes to fashion and home decor).

So, if you feel a little boxed in with your life and are yearning for some imaginative self expression, here’s a little inspiration to get you started. Remember, there are no rules or right or wrong answers. There is simply you being you.

mix and match patterns

Inspiration Images 1/2

DENY Designs: 1/2/3/4

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