Man Patterns


Let’s talk about patterns, you know things that repeat, things that you can count on. I have a few patterns in my life, most have to do with food like burritos, coffee, and ice cream (not in that order); oh and wanting fried food on Sundays. We can talk about my lifestyle patterns in another post. When it comes to designing a man’s space it can get a little plain. I know most men just want wood, metal, rock, and leather to design their space, but that can get expensive and heavy. And until I live in this place, I may never truly be happy:


Image via: SuperCompressor

But when you live in an apartment you have to get creative. So we need some accent patterns to work with all the solids. Flannel, duh, but we’re not all lumberjacks. Here are some other designs I have populated because you can’t have leather sheets.





These patterns can add a little something extra to your man cave. That’s all I have for this week, you can go back to eating your steak now. #MeatMonday


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