Manly Monday – New Beginnings


Yes, your $2.99 poster of Jimi Hendrix is rad, but at some point in a male 20 something’s life it is time to put away the posters. Say goodbye to the Pulp Fiction, Entourage and Tupac (RIP) posters that showed everyone how cool and “eclectic” your taste was in college. You may be able to keep your Animal House poster of John Belushi in the garage but that’s it, you’re done.

Invite your bros over, grab a couple cases of the cheapest beer you can find, and have a fire with all of your old posters (you can even wear your favorite jean shorts). Reminisce about the days before grown-up jobs, 401k’s, and knowing what a duvet cover is. It is time to upgrade. Think of all the extra thumbtacks you’ll have!

I have come up with a short list of prints, wall art and canvas that will help you with this transition:






These are just some designs I enjoy, look around, we have 9000+ different options to work with. It is time for you to become the curator of your space, don’t you want to be called a curator? It feels like you run a museum.

Happy Monday!


Image 1


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