A Man’s Quick Tips for Mother’s Day


As some of you may know, Mother’s Day is approaching. If you are like me, holidays like this tend to creep up on you. Not because of lack of importance, but because there seems to be a surplus of holidays that we’re supposed to know about now, like National Donut Day or National Pancake Day or National Bacon Day. Don’t ask me why my examples are all breakfast food related, it’s just that it is morning and I am hungry.

Back to the point: Mothers, they are great. Take J.K. Simmons’s advice and call your Mom right now and tell her you love her, then hang up. It is sure to make her happy, and not scared or confused at all. If you are looking for some unique and interesting ways to tell your mom you love her without getting a tattoo (props to my friends who have done that), I think I have some options. Make her a custom pillow with your face on it. With DENY’s create your own option you can customize any one of our products. I think a pillow evolution of my childhood is a great reminder of my love, and how normal and grown up I have become.

Get creative, maybe a seasonal Duvet?




The options are endless! Create the perfect gift your Mom will love. Or maybe you can just pick an awesome piece of art from our galleries (don’t worry, my pieces are not in there). Get your orders in by the 24th! DENY on!

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