Home Meets Fashion: City Blue

Fashion meets Home

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Maybe it’s because I have an active imagination, or maybe its all those Creative Writing classes I took back in the day, but I often find myself taking the “walk in another person’s shoes” thing to the next level. Let me explain. Say I’m strolling down the street and I see a person walking on that very same street that very same day. I check out their style, then envision where they live, where they work, where they’re going. I imagine what their desk looks like, what fills their bookshelves, what they’re having for dinner, where they like to travel.

I promise I’m not a creepster, more like a curiositor. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

So when I saw this to-die-for-outfit over on Happily Grey I immediately took a journey into my imagination, and for the next several minutes pretended to be her in this outfit …

Here’s where I’d live:

Urban blue fashion

Images: 1/2/3

Here’s what my vacation looks like:

Blue vacation inspiration

Images: 1/2/3

And here’s what my DENY necessities would be:

City Blue

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