Manly Monday – Art, Form, and #MCM


I don’t move into my apartment until today, so I am going to talk a little about Art. Art is any form, craft, trade etc. where someone will look at you and go “Damn, you are really good at that.”

For example:

The person who made this sandwich I consider an artist, because it is a work of art.


Exhibit A.

Same thing for the guy who constructed this beard, not only does he look like he can paint, he can probably use his mustache to do it. It is a Mansterpiece.

Exhibit B. | Craig Mitchelldyer/AP Images for Just for Men

There is an artist in all of us:

Like the guy who tells me I shouldn’t eat certain foods because they are bad for me, his art form is being annoying.

As it pertains to my new apartment though I am looking for a more traditional form of art to help “cool” up my apartment. I think I have a new #MCM and he is DENY artist Florent Bodart.

He has some, dare I say, “hip” artwork that will hopefully make me look cooler.

That is what is really important right?


These bicycle pieces titled Vitamin,  Acid, and Zest I say to people “Hey, I like adventure, but I also like citrus.”

They are super rad and pretty easily adaptable to most color pallets. Check out his DENY gallery here.


I have his Data artwork on my desk! As you search for your inner artist, don’t forget, looking cool is half the battle. Until next week!


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