The Power of Inspiration

Home Meets Style

Isn’t inspiration the coolest thing ever? It can strike at any time. It motivates, enlightens, enhances, excites, invigorates, and is simply magic on earth! Once inspiration strikes, it often snowballs into a world of stimulation, each spark feeding into another glorious glimmer of illumination. (Clearly Shakespeare came into work today.)

When the two inspiring worlds of fashion and home decor collide, that’s when my favorite type creativity erupts. Outfits are influenced by bedding, wall color is chosen off a lipstick shade, and soon, each inspired activity is playing off each other. When that happens the world becomes so beautiful, so full of creativity, so communal we can’t help but look out for each other, harness kindness, and join together to make the world a better place—well, at least that’s my dream, anyway. (Now Gandhi is in the house.)

Cheers to being inspired, sharing inspiration, and making the world a better place.


Thanks to the amazing images: 1/2/3/4/5

Feeling the pink and orange combo? Enjoy these beauts below:


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