Manly Monday – A New Frontier


Manly Monday: Installment 1

Being a man means being adventurous, taking life by the horns and eating copious amounts of steak. So it only seems fitting that I take my whiskey loving, vague mustache having, black coffee drinking self into blogging. Blogging, like interior design, is uncharted territory for many men. So I felt it was my duty, to hack my way through the blogging jungle in the name of adventure. I also recently moved into a new apartment that I am going to design alongside my girlfriend. Lucky for me, she likes steak too. Double-luck I work at DENY, and I am about to get creative all up in this place.

After essentially living a nomadic lifestyle for the past few years the only interior design decisions I had to make were “Which car freshener color do I like most?” After college, or as I like to call it, “the wonder years” my address changed 5 times in under two years. I thought I was Marco Yolo. Now I have an apartment I have committed to, and I want to let you in on the budding relationship. Here is my blank Canvas:


The view as you enter our apartment. (Optional Golden Puppy Accent)


The Bedroom. (Bernese Puppy option)


Kitchen/Bar (Corgi option)


Facing the door, the bathroom is behind the kitchen to the right. (Bulldog option)

Welcome to our new sanctuary. Get ready to see some DENY modern industrial designs in there.

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