DENY Designs Office Tour: The Making of Wall Art

We like to do things a little differently at DENY. When you place an order for an AWESOME piece of beautifully framed wall art, it hasn’t been sitting in the depths of a warehouse collecting dust. We print our wall art (and all of our other items) AFTER it’s ordered, so that funky addition to your formerly plain wall is 100% custom made for you and only you.

We also don’t think that a traditional direct printing process is sufficient. After all, no one likes their art to fade! The ink of each piece of art is dyed into the coated aluminum of your wall art, keeping colors super fresh and bright. And all of this is done right here in Colorado! Wanna see?

handcrafted-1See that gorgeous smooth wood framing your art? That’s 100% eco-friendly and sustainable flat grain amber bamboo.


Now that you know the story behind the operation, go get yourself a piece of the magic! Lucky for you, we’re having an extravaganza sale — up to 40% off some beauty for your wall! Hurry, it won’t last forever. Shop here:

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