DENY Designs Featured on Rachael Ray Show!

In a small space, every detail makes a difference. And in a REALLY small space (200 square feet!), those details become even more crucial to its feeling and functionality. Luckily for newlyweds Naomi and Luigi who live in a 200-square-foot apartment in New York City, they had the help of architect and design guru John Gidding for a makeover segment on this morning’s Rachael Ray Show! And luckily for us here at DENY, they chose one of our pillows to spruce up the space! The transformation is pretty incredible.


If you’re living in a small space, keep these tips in mind to make the most of it:

  • Stay clutter-free! For every item you bring in, try to take one out.
  • Maximize storage. Raising your bed a few inches can open up useful underbed storage.
  • Keep it light. Avoid using dark colors to make the space appear larger.
  • Use sheer curtains. Rather than heavy opaque curtains, sheer ones keep the room light and can even be used as a divider to create two separate “rooms.”
  • Add a full-length mirror. This super-easy tactic visually expands the space and adds dimension.

Check out the video series here:

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