Ever wondered what a day in the life of DENY was? Well, come on in! We’re giving you a little virtual tour of our home away from home. Sit back, get to know us a little and we hope you enjoy it!


Photo credit: 5280 Magazine Summer 2014 Issue

It all started in a hospital room. Yes, you read that right.  Husband and wife team Dustin and Kim Nyhus cofounded DENY Designs by ignoring the phrase, “perfect timing”.  Pregnant with twin boys in the spring of 2010, Kim was hospitalized and put on bed rest for two whole months.  It was during that time that the couple decided to pursue their dreams of owning their own business. With a degree in Industrial Design, Dustin knew he wanted to build furniture and immerse himself in home décor.  He also wanted to share his love of art with the world, while also making a difference.  Boom…a business was born!  DENY Designs officially launched a year later in the spring of 2011 with the company’s signature (and highly requested) product, The BlingBox, a hanging jewelry armoire solution that marries art on the wall with an organized home for all your precious sparkles.

A few months later, DENY saw an absence in the marketplace for truly unique home furnishings and launched duvet covers, shower curtains and throw blankets followed by throw pillows.  In three short years, DENY has evolved from that single product offering featuring the work of approximately 10 artists to an entire line of 30 products boasting over 7,500 pieces of art from 150 hand picked artists all over the world!  Wowza!  And the best part?  We’ve been able to fulfill our mission to help support art communities all over the world and spread the creative love!


Fast forward to July 2013, we officially started looking for a bigger, better space where the brilliant minds of the DENY employees could run rampant each and every day.  After viewing just about every available space in the great city of Denver, Colorado, we were close to sealing the deal on another space when Kim went out “one last time” to see if there were any last locations to consider.  The realtor made a location suggestion but warned her that it was still very rough. Having no conception of what he was really referring to, she agreed.

Upon entering the lobby, she quickly figured out that it was on the second floor, with no way to get up there except for the 20 foot ladder that stood before her.  In a dress and completely scared of heights, she sent the boys up first, hiked on up while praying for her life and laid eyes on a dusty, disgusting open space that she immediately fell in love with.  It took months and months (and months and months) of work, but finally in November 2014 after walls were put up, a garage door installed, wood floors refinished, new HVAC and windows put in and last but certainly not least, stairs and an elevator added, we were able to set up shop!

With a building four times the size of our last space and an attached showroom to share with customers, we’re in heaven here.  It’s only four blocks from the baseball park, close to several yummy lunch destinations, is housed directly over a brewery (go visit Jagged Mountain Brewery if you haven’t already!) and has so much space that surely we’ll be here for a while!

Come on in! We’d love to have you.


Shop the designs:HELLO DARLING by Allyson Johnson // GO AWAY by Leeana Benson

Why have normal elevators? Really, we just want to find a way to put art on EVERYTHING. It’s kind of our thing.


Welcome! We’d love to convince you that we’re a well-behaved office…


But, it’s just not the case.

(HINT: The guy doing the headstand may or may not be the founder.)


Get to know the DENY team here. We’re from all over, near and far. Every person brings their own unique style that makes DENY what it is today!

When you come into our office, you get to see the fun showroom of rotating designs and rooms! We have over 7,500 designs on the website to choose from, so the possibilities really are endless. Mixing and matching artists and designs is something we love to do and can help you do the same. And, of course, the best part is that every time you purchase a piece, that artist earns part of the proceeds! Win, win, win all around.






Gallery wall de Inspiration.

Now, with working at a company where creativity is encourage, we thought we needed some colorful spaces to do our magic making.


Shop the artist featured: Garima Dhawan


Shop the artists featured: Garima Dhawan // Three of the Possessed

We love to brainstorm crazy ideas right here and see what the world will think.

And, sometimes you just need a giant Wall of Wonder to map out those creative sparks. Hence, the Wall of Wonder.


 Shop the artists featured: Rebecca Allen // Brian Buckley // Bianca Green // Three of the Possessed


Shop the artist featured: Mareike Boehmer

And sometimes you need to follow a Wall of Wonder session with a heated tournament of Galaga. It’s part of the creative process, you see.

You’re probably wondering, “Hey! That’s a lot of creative thinking, so how’s my DENY Tray or Wall Art being made?” Well, the office may look pretty, but we like to get our hands dirty too. You could say our warehouse is where the REAL magic happens!



When you order something from DENY, it is printed on demand just for you! And many of our products are handmade from start to finish right here in Denver, Colorado. We don’t believe in inventory. Nope! Instead, we print each product after it’s ordered so that it’s 100% custom-made for each and every customer. How is the finished product created? It would be boring if we printed our products like every other company out there, so being the forward thinkers that we are, we’re one step ahead of the curve using a dye printing process. Bet you’re wondering what the heck that is! In a nutshell, the ink is dyed into the fibers of the fabric or the coated surface instead of the traditionally used direct print. This gives DENY’s products a huge advantage, as our colors stay as fresh and vibrant as the day the product is received! Fade-resistant products make for happy customers!

We’re happy you go to join us for a little behind the scenes peek at DENY. Stop on in if you’re in the Denver neighborhood. We’d love to have you!



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