Meet Robert Farkas.

robert-farkas_smallRobert Farkas is a digital artist currently based out of Budapest, Hungary. He comes from a family of creative talent, beginning with his grandfather, famous film director Tamas Fejer. Robert’s great-uncle, Kasmer Fejer, is also well-known for his invention of fluorescent ink. Robert’s mother went on to become a photographer, encouraging Robert throughout his childhood to exploit his talent for painting and to follow in the artistic footsteps of his family. Robert currently works throughout the weekdays as a broadcast animator and a web designer. He spends his free time working on his personal projects, which spice up his everyday life. Combining his talent for painting and watercolors with digital manipulation, Robert has created a diverse portfolio filled with an ample amount of one-of-a-kind works.




Hey Robert! First, let’s start with the basics. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?


Describe one thing not many people know about you. 

I’m a drummer, but can’t find a good electro-pop band here in Hungary where I could play…

That’s awesome! We wish there was a Hungarian electro-pop band now too! Tell us 5 things you can’t live without.

1. My wife

2. My family

3. My friends

4. Traveling

5. Music


Love it! You can invite 6 people (anybody living or dead) to a dinner party. Who made the list?

1. Robert Capa (I believe he was an incredible funny guy),

2. My grandfather’s brother Kasmer Fejer (he was the inventor of fluorescent ink and I’ve never see him)

3. Bruce Willis (to have a great cigar together)

4. Einstein (just for practice my german language)

5. Frank Miller (I admire his works)

6. My wife Lili (without her I’m lost in a party:)

That would be a GREAT party. Ok, if you could trade places with any other person for a week (famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional), with whom would that be?

It’s so easy. To be Marty McFly for a week, what sounds better than this?



Ha! We LOVE your designs that are inspired from Back to the Future! If you had a day to do anything you wanted, what would you do?

I would have a Coffee, watch a dozen of zombie films, have a burger in my favorite place in the city, and at night have a walk in Budapest with Lili.

What experiences helped form your design/artistic style today?

Good and bad criticisms are helpful. I try to learn from my mistakes and improve my design skills to make fresh art to the industry.


We love how that freshness comes through in your art! If you’re running low on creative inspiration, what’s your remedy?

If I’m low on inspiration I can’t do nothing, it just happens. In the dark days my wife helps me a lot, because she laughs me out when I say to her: ”I’m totally burned out, I never gonna make a new artwork again!”. Sometimes a film, or an exhibition ignites my brain. Taking a bath or even doing the dishes can help too. When my brain has just a little rest, there are colours and shapes appearing in front of my eyes.

What’s your favorite piece of artwork that you’ve created?

That’s a hard question, I love them all! Maybe “The Wolf of the City”, and “Rorschach” are my favorites, but that’s changing always.




We see some superhero art scattered around your home, so we must ask, who’s your favorite and why?

I’m a big fan of American comic books, I’m also a maniac collector. Captain America is my favorite character, I can’t really tell you why, he’s just the right guy:)

What is your most cherished home accent piece? Why?

We’re collecting bunnies, and and many crazy things, it’s hard to say that this or that is the most loved one. I really like our Flip-Flop style clock, which always reminds me of the film called the Groundhog Day, or the 3D paper cat statue which I’ve done for Lili who admires our cat Jean-Luc:)




What’s the story behind the vintage typewriter?

My wife Lili is a journalist, photographer, blogger and also a poet, so it was a perfect birthday gift from my mother. Originally it was my grandfather’s (on my father’s side) typewriter, he bought it from the Hungarian Army after he quit from there. It was made around 1910.


Give us a synopsis of what your Hungarian letter says and why it’s important to you.

It’s a poem by my father-in-law, he’s also very talented guy like everyone in this big family:) He wrote this letter to my wife’s 30th birthday. The first few rows would sound like this:

Thirty summer
Thirty glowing angel wings winter
Snow crunching

Thirty promising spring and autumn
Cunning light of the October sunshine

Thirty pearls in a row on a cord, long enough
It also fits a lot of them
I hope
I believe 

Wow! You are surrounded by a talented family! Pick one of your pieces of art and tell the story behind it.

Elegant Forest: During our holiday in the US in 2011 we lived in a forest in New Jersey for 2 weeks. We went to a bicycle tour and we saw a few deer. They were just stand there about 3 steps away and watching us like: What the hell they doing here?:) Before and after this I never were closer to a wild living deer, and after we arrived from the US back to Hungary I made this artwork immediately:


Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years?

Some where in Western Europe or in the States. I really like to challenge myself not just as an illustrator but like an animator too.


Why do you love DENY?

It’s a great place for artist because if you need a little spotlight to reach your potential fans, their site give you this great feature. Also I like that behind every DENY email there are real people who are very kind and they help me if I have any problem.

Thank you, Robert! It was so fun chatting with you and learning more about your awesome creative brain. We’re so happy you’re a part of the DENY Artist Family! 

See all of Robert Farkas’ colorful and fresh work here!

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