DENY at Home with artist Joy Laforme!

DENY at Home with artist Joy Laforme

There’s something beautiful about peeking into someone’s life behind closed doors. You get to see their personality truly shine through in their home decor selections and tastes, while also getting a glimpse into their inner workings.

In this edition of DENY @Home, we’re introducing you to one of our DENY Artists, Joy Laforme. Learn about this classically colorful beauty and see the home she shares with her husband and beloved cat!


Hi Joy! We’re beyond thrilled to have you as a part of the DENY Artist Family. If you had to describe yourself as a color, what would it be and why?

I would be a faded orange-pink. Sometimes girly, sometimes fierce, always bold, and I go with everything. (ha!)

Love it. Describe your style for us.

I love classic designs with a little bit of an edge. Most of what I create is a twist on something classic I saw or once created that I turned into something bright or bold. 

We can see that reflected in your beautiful art! Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years?

Hopefully designing textiles all the time. I love making homes and wardrobes brighter and happier with everything I create.

That you do! Let’s learn more about you. What songs would be used in the soundtrack for a movie about your life?

Honeysuckle Rose – Django Reinhardt

In the mood – Glenn Miller

Si Tu Vois Ma Mere – Manu Dibango

That’s Life – Frank Sinatra

The Best is Yet To Come – Michael Buble

Changing All Those Changes – Madeline Peyroux

Classic! Favorite season?


Favorite flavor of ice cream?

Vanilla (with M&Ms)

Favorite designer?

I have a lot of favorite designers! I think my favorite right now is Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

Great choice! Hot color of the moment?


Last meal?

Flounder + fresh veggies

DENY at Home with artist Joy Laforme

Alright, let’s talk about your home. What do you love most about your neighborhood?

All the biking and hiking trails.

Which house most accurately reveals your dream style?

A. The classic 4-story New York brownstone from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

B. The cozy and private home in the English Countryside featured in “The Holiday”

C. Or, the ultra modern, shall we say…glass house, from “Iron Man”?


Favorite room in your house? 

My office

DENY at Home with artist Joy Laforme DENY at Home with artist Joy Laforme

Favorite item in your house?

The Tiffany lamp in my office.

What are three necessities that you feel are needed in every room?

A blanket, a good lamp, and a window.

What’s the story behind the oldest heirloom in your home?

The pen on my desk was my great-grandfather’s. It sat on his desk!

SO cool! What was your biggest splurge (in home decor)? What was your best bargain?

The biggest splurge was the chaise lounge in our bedroom. The best bargain? The living room lamps! They are thrift store finds that I wrapped in sailor’s rope, and I painted the shades. Voila!

DENY at Home with artist Joy Laforme

We love the lamps. Great DIY! What is your most cherished home accent piece? Why?

The photo of the Brooklyn brownstone homes. My husband bought that for me from a local photographer after I moved out of my NY home into my first “on my own” home. It was a scary transition, being in a new place on my own, and every time I look at it, it reminds me of my years growing up.

Such a sweet guy!

DENY at Home with artist Joy Laforme

DENY at Home with artist Joy Laforme

If you’re running low on creative inspiration, what’s your remedy?

I usually either head to Pinterest or get away from my computer.

We LOVE Pinterest too! What is one of your favorite pieces of art?

Anything and everything by Monet.

If you had to choose a piece of your own artwork and build a room around it, which piece would you choose and how would you compose the space?

Any colorway of the piece “Sunfaded Ranunculus” would allow me to indulge in anything classic, country, modern or feminine that I want for that room!

DENY at Home with artist Joy Laforme DENY at Home with artist Joy Laforme

We absolutely love your style and home! It’s very reflective of you and the classic, yet punchy colorful artwork you create! Why do you love DENY?

I really love how DENY empowers everyday artists to do their thing. So great! It’s great to see so many different kinds of artists housed under the DENY name.

Shop Joy Laforme’s designs on DENY! 


Joy Laforme is an award winning designer and illustrator residing in Philadelphia, PA. She loves blurring the boundaries between timeless and modern designs with her unique aesthetic. She works with multiple mediums and her designs are inspired by flora, fauna, and the places she visits. She recently joined the DENY Artist Family and you can find all her designs perfectly adorning DENY bedding, pillows, mirrors, clocks, rugs and so much more!

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