Daily Digs | Foxy Nursery

Foxy Nursery | Daily DigsIt’s Friday and we’re feelin’ foxy. So naturally, we were loving this nursery space featured on Apartment Therapy. Home of Aimee, Renee and little Max of Brooklyn, NY, this little nursery is a dream come true. Adorned with a sweetly grey and white color palette, the couple added touches of bold orange and the cutest little foxy bohemian theme we ever did see. Little Max must be so proud of his new digs. We certainly are!

If you’re jonesin’ for this look and feel as much as we are, check out our inspired collection hand-selected from our fabulous DENY Artists!

Foxy Nursery | Daily Digs

Room images via here

Shop the entire Foxy Nursery Collection here!

Foxy Nursery | Daily Digs

1. GARDEN FOX by Sharon Turner

2. FEATHER DANCE by Iveta Abolina

3. FEATHERED LIGHT by Matt Leyen

4. FOXFLOWER by Tammie Bennett


ARROW DAWN by Pattern State

5. BIRCH by Budi Kwan


ORANGE BIRD by Iveta Abolina

See the Foxy Nursery Collection here!

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