Julia Da Rocha | DENY Artist of the Week

Julia Da Rocha | DENY Artist of the Week

Get ready for Julia Da Rocha. Her art gives doodling a serious upgrade.

Meet Julia Da RochaJulia Da Rocha is a graphic designer, illustrator, doodler, storyteller and dreamer. She started doodling as a hobby and when people requested to purchase her art, she decided to turn this talent into a profession. From there, Poz-Art was born. Poz-Art is a site where she can express her passion, creativity, designs and mini masterpieces (doodles).

What’s black, white and yellow all over? This awesome art from Julia Da Rocha, of course.

Julia Da Rocha | DENY Artist of the Week

Making your showers fancy free so you can sing like a cast member of Glee.

Julia Da Rocha | DENY Artist of the Week

Julia Da Rocha | DENY Artist of the Week

How fun are these? Her designs are the perfect addition to any room as they are mix-in friendly. Using these beautiful black and white prints will easily ground a colorful room and tie everything together perfectly.  Check out the designs shows and so many more from Julia in her DENY shop!

See the entire collection here!

3 thoughts on “Julia Da Rocha | DENY Artist of the Week

  1. I have to start with a bit of a whinge, the shipping fee of $77 (twice the price of the item) is horrendous for us Australians, we may be the ‘lucky’ country but I’m not Rockafella!!……..however, I loved the design so much Julia, and I couldn’t find anything else that’s going to give me the pop of colour I need with the peacock blue soft furnishings I have, so I just had to come back and order one of the yellow cushions! With or without the scary delivery fee, I will treasure it 🙂

    1. We’re so happy you love Julia!! We also wanted to say we’re sorry. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of our mail carriers. But, know we are looking into other options so when you make future purchases it should be much easier on your wallet!!

      1. Awesome! We’re used to paying a bit more for overseas postage here in Australia because we’re so far away from Europe and the USA, but this one was a bit more painful than most! I would definitely order again, I love the unique designs on DENY 🙂

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