Daily Digs | Color Lovers

Color Lovers | Daily DigsAre you a color LOVER?! Today’s Daily Digs is a POWER PUNCH of color to cheer you up at every corner. This colorfest home belongs to the quirky and fun lawyer-turned-designer Helen Bayley of Lovestar.  “We are a young family and it’s so much fun to be in such a happy and vibrant environment – it really rubs off on you!” Uh, YES, Helen. We couldn’t agree more! Her home brings a cheery vibe that we couldn’t help but be inspired by.

Though the range of color seems infinite in this space, she actually sticks to a set palette of hues. This helps keep a consistent feel throughout the home and avoids a dizzying color overload. Cobalt, Cyan, Mint, Fushia and Sunny Yellow. The colors of the dining chairs flow throughout the entire space creating a subtle consistency while giving a vibrant and overt colorful energy.

At DENY, we are NOT AT ALL afraid of color. We live it, love it, breathe it and snuggle up with it at night. We just can’t get enough. It’s no wonder we felt inspired to create an inspired collection off of Helen’s super fun space! Check out the Color Lovers Collection below.

Color Lovers | Daily Digs Color Lovers | Daily Digs Color Lovers | Daily Digs

Room images via here

Shop the entire Color Lovers Collection here!

Color Lovers | Daily Digs

1. SUMMER IKAT by Amy Sia

2. CITY SCAPE by Aimee St. Hill

3. FLOURISH by Stephanie Corfee

4. LEMON OMBRE by Social Proper

HIGH SEAS by Paula Ogier

PINK PAPER CRANE by Nicole Martinez

5. COLORBLOX by Ingrid Padilla

LILY PAD by Caroline Okun

FIZZY FEATHERS by Sharon Turner

See the Color Lovers Collection here!

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