Daily Digs | Old School Cool

Old School Cool | Daily DigsAh, the days of the mixtape  We remember the good ol’ days where you’d wait for hours, listening for your favorite song to finally play on the radio and running over to the record button and perfectly timing it from beginning to end. Now that took some work! When you got a mixtape from someone, boy oh boy was that a true gift! Time, effort and careful consideration went into it, so you knew you must be pretty special! While it’s so much easier to make the perfect playlist for a lucky someone, we couldn’t help but feel a bit nostalgic over today’s Daily Digs.

Giving a peak inside her Australian home, freelance florist, Katie Marx shows off her eclectic vibe that is oh-so-perfect. Lucky for her, she lives right next door to the artist Dane Lovett, responsible for the statement painting that sets this room off in perfect retro cool. We were so excited about this statement theme in the room that we made an inspired collection with some takin-it-back-to-the-old-school (cause we’re so cool) designs from our awesome DENY Artists! Check it out below and easily create the same cooler than cool statement in your own home!

Old School Cool | Daily Digs


Room images via here

Shop the entire Old School Cool Collection here!

Old School Cool | Daily Digs

See the Old School Cool Collection here!

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