Daily Digs | Vintage Mix In

Vintage Mix In | Daily DigsToday’s Daily Digs is comes from a snippet of a home tour with blogger Bailey McCarthey of Peppermint Bliss! She shared her vintage-filled beauty of a home with the gals at Rue Magazine. Her home is filled with quirky art, color and lots of humour. She perfectly mixes in vintage finds throughout her home to give it the ultimate reflection of her personality. We  simply love her dining space with the regal and feminine white chairs framed in rich dark trim set against the vintage wallpaper and brought together with the perfect rugged vintage touch. She’s one of those people who you walk into their home and they say, “Wow, this is SO you.” That’s the perfect compliment of style expression in your living space! She encourages her clients and blog followers to have fun with design and let it truly express yourself. We couldn’t agree more!!

Vintage Mix In | Daily Digs

Room image via Rue Magazine

Achieve the same look and feel as Bailey in your own home with our inspired collection!

Vintage Mix In | Daily Digs

See the Vintage Mix In Collection here!

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